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  1. 3 kings


3 kings<br />
<br />
from the palace down in Dallas<br />
to the south side of Chicago<br />
played the Texas Cannonball<br />
just to hear him and his royalty<br />
made you wish that you were&hellip;<br />
<br />
one of the kings bending the sound<br />
like Albert and Freddie mesmerizing the crowd<br />
like one of the kings with BB&rsquo;s style<br />
holding a note that makes you feel like dying<br />
<br />
Albert was born under a bad sign<br />
in the Delta of Mississippi<br />
playin&rsquo; left handed and upside down<br />
burnin&rsquo; solos playin&rsquo; on one string<br />
made you wish that you were&hellip;<br />
<br />
playin&rsquo; for dimes out on street corners<br />
hitchhiked all the way to Memphis<br />
saved Lucille from a burning club<br />
now he still knows how to pull her strings<br />
to make you feel like you were&hellip;<br />