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  1. stand in the sun


stand in the sun<br />
<br />
you found a place where yesterday won&rsquo;t find you<br />
no souvenirs to remind you<br />
you crossed the divide<br />
you dyed your hair and your accent is fading<br />
the change is exhilarating<br />
you feel so alive<br />
<br />
the change of a name, anonymity in the places<br />
among many foreign faces<br />
you&rsquo;re lost in a crowd<br />
I&rsquo;m on my way and I hope I still recognize you<br />
you still feel the same that I do<br />
and you say it out loud<br />
<br />
we&rsquo;ll stand in the sun<br />
after the deal is done<br />
after every day and every night on the run<br />
we&rsquo;ll stand in the sun<br />
we&rsquo;ll show the world who won<br />
with the devil on the run<br />
we&rsquo;ll stand in the sun<br />
<br />
there is a time, there is a time for leaving<br />
and a time for getting even<br />
as they soon will know<br />
I see you now, and I hope you still recognize me<br />
you smile at the time our eyes meet<br />
that&rsquo;s when I know<br />
<br />
so far from the world you know<br />
so easy to just let go<br />
and know that we have finally found a sanctuary now<br />
a candle in the sun<br />
unnoticed by anyone<br />
but I can see you burning in the light<br />