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  1. superglide


superglide<br />
<br />
next stop anywhere, our destination unknown<br />
can&rsquo;t stay here, that bird&rsquo;s already flown<br />
back before the sun caught fire and shed some light on us<br />
till it burns away in a final dusk<br />
<br />
feels so good rollin&rsquo; with you<br />
by my side on a superglide<br />
feels so good rollin&rsquo; with you<br />
what a ride on a superglide<br />
<br />
hangin&rsquo; like a jet stream in a blue October sky<br />
rollin&rsquo; like a freight train you and I<br />
all the roses in the world and every shade of black<br />
through the highs and lows and we come back<br />
<br />
clearer than the thought that slipped away<br />
further than the gods to whom we pray<br />
lookin&rsquo; for the stars in the afternoon<br />
it&rsquo;s like listening for a whisper in a hurricane<br />
c&rsquo;mon, c&rsquo;mon, c&rsquo;mon<br />
we gotta live a little<br />
everbody&rsquo;s got a light somewhere inside<br />
I thought enough about yesterday<br />
now I&rsquo;m looking to tomorrow to enjoy the ride<br />