1. The Penny


The Penny

He slipped a note under her door about the time she pulled it open
She felt as though she’d gone to sleep and woke up in a dream
He said I must be moving on, she said you must be joking
Who would ever leave a girl like me

Sometimes people drift apart and many lose their places
Forgetting what they really want and even what they need
Sometimes people walk around with other people’s faces
Chasing after someone else’s dreams

She pulls up her dress to wade through the fountain
To take back the penny that made her wishes come true
Back, everything she said about you

Turn back just a week before when she had tried to leave him
He cried and said that without her he’d never be the same
Turns out that he only wants to be the one who’s leaving
He slipped back to a comfortable old flame


And she waits on the steps that lead up to his door
The one she slammed so many times before
Now she just wants to slam it one more time
Besides she wants him to see her looking so fine

C2009 David Blake Foster