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Not The Fool

I won’t let you go
I can’t let you stay
I’m walking that back
You’re walking away

You’re bringing the heat
I’m feeling the sting
I’m pulling you close
Forget everything

You’re grabbing your coat
I imagine a plan
It’s the way that you move
It’s the way that you stand

I fumble your keys
They fall through the grate
I’m biding my time
I’m sealing my fate

You’re playing it cool as you walk to the door
We’re breaking the rules and we even the score
Now who’s using whom and whose playing who more
Now I may be a fool but I’m not the fool you’re taking me for

You’re breaking my fall
I shatter the glass
The thrill of it all
As long as it last

When you’re in my head
It’s harder to think
You’re pulling me close
Forget everything

2013 David Blake Foster and Ryan Bergsmith